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Ancient Statue found in the cave surrounded by venomous snakes (Video)

ancient statue depicting a serpent god. This remarkable find offers insight into human history and mythology. The serpent god is a symbol found in many cultures, often representing fertility, wisdom, and

transformation. The discovery of this statue provides historians and archaeologists with a rare glimpse into the civilization that created it, their artistic techniques, cultural practices, and spiritual beliefs. Efforts are now being made to preserve the statue for future generations, highlighting the ingenuity and creativity of our ancestors. The article emphasizes the significance of such finds in bridging the past and present, fueling human curiosity and our understanding of ancient civilizations


Does Snakes in The Cave is Venomous ?

yes, Ofcourse snakes in the cave can be deadly if bitten and there is no treatment within some limited time frame … but bear in mind that most of snakes don’t bite until they get alert due to threatening..

Why Snakes live in Cave ?

snakes hide in cave due to various reasons.. first one is weather.. when the climate is hot they can’t roam in heat . the other most common is to protect themselves by some species mongoose.. we all know mangoose is a big threat to them .

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