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Everyone Said Big Bash League is fixed. Here’s Why ..

The Big Bash League frequently finds itself at the center of debate, often due to officiating mishaps, and today’s match was no exception.

Leading the table, the Sydney Sixers went head-to-head with the Melbourne Stars, captained by Adam Zampa and currently at the bottom of the rankings. The game concluded in a gripping finish, with the Sixers securing a win in the penultimate ball. Nonetheless, the match’s final moments were marred by controversy.

Adam Zampa recently became the subject of widespread discussion for his mankading of Tom Rogers from the Renegades, igniting a heated debate on social media. Such acts, although legal within the game’s rules, are generally frowned upon by the Australian cricket community.

The spotlight was once again on Zampa during a critical phase of the game. Needing 11 runs in the final over for victory, Jordan Silk hit a six on the third delivery, significantly reducing the pressure on the Sixers by bringing the requirement down to just two runs from the remaining three balls.

The controversy erupted on the fourth ball when Silk missed and attempted a bye, only to be met by the keeper’s throw hitting the stumps. Zampa called for a review, leading to Silk being controversially declared out caught behind, despite replays suggesting otherwise with a visible gap between bat and ball.

Though the Sixers ultimately clinched the match, this incident dominated post-match discussions. Prominent cricket analyst Aakash Chopra even expressed his surprise at the decision via Twitter.

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