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what food parrots like

what food Parrots like is depend on their mood.. and parrots require a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients to thrive. In the wild, they naturally consume seeds, live insects, and fresh vegetation, providing vital vitamins and minerals.However, a seed-based diet lacks critical nutrients…

like vitamin A, B12, D, amino acids, calcium, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and trace minerals, which can lead to malnutrition and weight gain.

Pellet-based foods offer a solution, ensuring comprehensive nutritional balance. Brands like Kaytee offer specialized formulas tailored to various parrot types.For adult parrots, a diet comprising 70-90% pellets and 10-30% fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, treats, and nuts is recommended. this is what food parrots likes much..

Meal frequency can vary, with options ranging from continuous access to food in the cage to two measured meals per day, depending on veterinarian advice.

When selecting fresh produce, opt for items free from waxes, preservatives, or seasoning. Offer a diverse range of fruits and vegetables, either fresh, steamed, or boiled, and avoid adding butter, oil, or seasonings to maintain optimal health and prevent obesity,

fatty liver disease, and other health issues. Regular check-ups with an avian veterinarian are essential to ensure your pet’s well-being.

parrots is the most lovable birds in the world of all countries. because they are very cute and their voice are so pure to hear that they can even speak someone name by constantly listening to their words for atleast 6-8 months..

Also, Parrots don’t like to be in a cage.. they are free birds .. those who are carrying they usually very honest to their owners

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